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“I knew that the child was not mine…”

I was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years. Everything was nice at the beginning but after the second year she started going out without me saying she needed more time with her friends. I loved her very much so I decided to give her some space even if I didn’t like it.
A few months later she told me she was pregnant. I felt so confused. Things were strange between us and I didn’t want to get married. We had drifted apart. But deep inside I was sure that the baby was not mine; I had always been so careful.

We decided to stay together until the baby was born. I didn’t want to hurt her so I did the paternity test on my own. The results were as I thought. The baby was not mine. I told her about the test and then she admitted having an affair with a man she met one night in a bar. If I hadn’t do the test I would raise someone else’s child…