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“I‘ve been searching my biological parents. Now I know who I am…”

When I was 15 years-old I accidentally found out that I was adopted. My parents denied the truth at first, but I had found all the papers about the adoption. Even though they finally admitted it they did not want to give me any information about my biological parents or any other information about the adoption. They were afraid that they would lose me.

My life became a hell. I felt like I had no identity. I wanted to know why I was given away. We were fighting all the time until I decided to leave home. They were terrified and finally told me everything.

I found my biological parents and learned the truth. They were too poor to keep me. I don’t blame them; maybe I would have done the same thing. My life has completely changed now. I finally know who I am. And in fact, there is nothing wrong with having four parents…