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“I knew that the child was not mine…”

I was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years. Everything was nice at the beginning but after the second year she started going out without me saying she needed more time with her friends. I loved her very much so I decided to give her some space even if I didn’t like it.
A few months later she told me she w...

“I‘ve been searching my biological parents. Now I know who I am…”

When I was 15 years-old I accidentally found out that I was adopted. My parents denied the truth at first, but I had found all the papers about the adoption. Even though they finally admitted it they did not want to give me any information about my biological parents or any other information about the adoption. They...

“The DNA Infidelity Test opened my eyes…”

My Suspicions about my wife’s cheating, led me at Whois Laboratories. My neighbors notified me that while I was not at home, an unknown man was visiting my wife. When I asked my wife she told me that nobody came home. At first I didn’t believe my neighbors, but one day I found a strange spot on my bed sheets. I imme...