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Mother gave birth to someone else’s child after a tragic medical mistake in an In Vitro Fertilization center!

A “minor” mistake in an In Vitro Fertilization center led to the in the wrong parents. The couple was trying many years unsuccessfully for a child, before finally choosing the IVF option. The mother, underwent a lot of therapies to get ready for the pregnancy and after a while the doctor finally announced that she was pregnant. 9 months later the child was born and the couple started their new life.Unfortunately, after3 years the child got really sick and needed a surgery. When the parents offered to give blood, the doctors in the hospital noticed that the child’s blood type did not match that of its father. Because of the IVF procedure the parents did not have any doubt as for a paternity issue but this finding was really upsetting. To eliminate all doubts they decided to do a DNA Paternity/Maternity test. The results were totally unexpected. The child and the parents did not match...