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Mother gave birth to someone else’s child after a tragic medical mistake in an In Vitro Fertilization center!

A “minor” mistake in an In Vitro Fertilization center led to the in the wrong parents. The couple was trying many years unsuccessfully for a child, before finally choosing the IVF option. The mother, underwent a lot of therapies to get ready for the pregnancy and af...

Suspected rapist set free after DNA testing!

A young woman went to a police station as, according to her testimony, she had been raped by her ex-boyfriend. The coroner that examined her found a single hair in her vagina which he submitted for DNA testing.
In parallel, the ex-boyfriend was arrested and saliva sample was taken from him for the comparison....

Illegal adoption revealed after a DNA Paternity test!

“Born dead” was declared by the doctors the child of a couple in a small town’s clinic in 1938. At the same time a wealthy couple in the same town who could not have any kids, adopted a child. As the child was growing up, it started showing strong resemblance with the first couple, which made them believe that it is...