DNA Storage (WhoisMyDNA)

DNA Storage (WhoisMyDNA)

DNA storage is the best way to keep your DNA and the DNA of your loved ones safe, for future genetic testing.

Deceased persons

Especially in cases of deceased persons, DNA storage can be very helpful as there are cases where heritage issues from people who claim to be relatives, rise up after someone’s death.

Medical history

DNA storage can also prove very helpful in cases where the presence of an inherited genetic disease or genetic predisposition must be tested in a family. Stored DNA from your ancestors can be analyzed helping you prevent the onset of a disease or handle in a better way the symptoms.

Store your DNA at Whois DNA Bank or at home

Your DNA and the DNA of your loved ones can be safely kept at Whois DNA Bank and will be available to you and authorized family members. No information is given to third parties or insurance companies. Alternatively you can keep your DNA at home requesting the home collection kit.

Profile analysis

Analyze your DNA profile and find out what makes you unique in this world. Compare your DNA profile with the profile of your loved ones and find your biological connection. Either you choose to store your DNA at Whois DNA Bank or at home, ask the Whois DNA Experts for your DNA profiling. Print your profile on a DNA ID Card and have it with you anywhere and anytime.

For your DNA storage, order now your home collection kit.

-          International standards applied to all analyses guarantee reliability of the results.

-          WhoisDNA scientific stuff guarantees confidentiality of all information filled in by the client.

-          Results are ready within 3 or 7 working days.

-          Receive the results (Expert report) by email or by regular mail

Dna Storage DNA Storage at home DNA Storage at WhoisDNA laboratories
*the price include cheek swab samples
Additional DNA profiling (16 markers) DNA profiling (23 markers)
*the price include cheek swab samples
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+100per sample
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Total Cost

All prices include VAT as well as postage of home collection kit