DNA Infidelity Test

DNA Infidelity Test

Infidelity DNA testing can give you a clear answer to your doubts about your mate.

If you find a suspicious item (cigarette butts, stained cloths or underwear, condoms, hair with the root, etc.) you can send it at Whois Laboratories for a genetic analysis and see to whom they belong. 

Just follow the three easy steps and find out the truth about your mate.

Step 1: Detect the presence and nature of the biological material. Stains on clothes, underwear, paper tissues or any other material can be tested for the presence of sperm/semen, vaginal fluids, blood etc.

Step 2: Identify the genetic material detected on the item. Find out how many persons are there on a stain and their sex.

Step 3: Compare your DNA with the detected profile. Find out if the detected biological material belongs to you or if a third person is between you and your mate.

For your peace of mind and deeper bonding with your loved ones, order now your infidelity DNA test.

-          International standards applied to all analyses guarantee reliability of the results.

-          WhoisDNA scientific stuff guarantees confidentiality of all information filled in by the client.

-          Results are ready within 10 working days.

-          Receive the results (Expert report) by email or by regular mail

Whois Unfaithful Semen/Saliva/blood detection DNA Profile of biological evidence Semen/Saliva/blood detection and Dna Profile of biological evidence Semen/sperm/blood detection and Dna Profile and comparison with the genotype of a person (reference sample) Semen/Saliva/blood detection and Dna Profile and comparison with the genotype of an other biological evidense
*For the reference sample you must use the buccal cotton swab including in the DNA infidelity kit
*The reference sample must be submitted to our laboratory
Send result in paper
Total Cost

All prices include VAT as well as postage of home collection kit