DNA ID card (WhoisDNAIDcard)

DNA ID card (WhoisDNAIDcard)

A DNA ID card is a way to find out your genetic profile. Each person’s DNA is unique and can be used whenever there is a need for his/her genetic identification: biological relationship testing, abduction, missing persons, victim identification after accidents etc. A DNA ID Card is particularly recommended to children who have been adopted, people who do not have living ancestors or direct descendants and people in high-life-risk jobs.

Decrypting our genetic code can help us move one step closer to ourselves. Just fill in your name, date of birth, sex and your favorite slogan in the order form and they will be printed on your DNA ID Card. Send your photograph to info@whoisdna.eu or upload it.

Persons Tested: Applicant

For your genetic identity, order now your saliva sampling kit.

-          International standards applied to all analyses guarantee reliability of the results.

-          WhoisDNA scientific stuff guarantees confidentiality of all information filled in by the client.

-          Results are ready within 3 or 7 working days.

-          Receive the results (Expert report) by email or by regular mail

Cost for 1 person 16 genetic markers
*the price include cheek swab samples
Alternative Sample
+100per sample
Express Analysis 2 days
Send result in paper
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All prices include VAT as well as postage of home collection kit