DNA Grandparentage Testing (WhoisGrandparentage)

DNA Grandparentage Testing (WhoisGrandparentage)

Grandparentage testing can help you trace biological relationship 2 generations apart, especially in cases where parents are deceased or cannot be tested. This test is more complex as DNA transmittance is not direct between grandparents and grandchildren and results depend on the structure of your family genealogy tree, i.e. living ancestors and descendants.  Please contact us so that we can best understand your needs and suggest the suitable number of participants.

  • Single Grandparentage DNA Testing

-          In cases where only one grandparent is available, it is highly recommended that the parent that is not the child of the grandparent (usually the mother) participates.

-          If both the grandchild and grandparent are male then a Y chromosome testing can be performed in order to check common paternal lineage.

Persons tested: Grandparent, Grandchild, Child’s Biological Mother* 

                          *Optional but recommended  

  • Double Grandparentage DNA Testing

-         In cases where both grandparents are available, it is recommended that the parent that is not the child of the grandparent (usually the mother) participates in order to raise accuracy of the results.

Persons tested: Grandparents, Grandchild, Child’s Biological Mother*

                          *Optional but recommended 

For your peace of mind and deeper bonding with your family members, order now your saliva sampling kit.

-          International standards applied to all analyses guarantee reliability of the results.

-          WhoisDNA scientific stuff guarantees confidentiality of all information filled in by the client.

-          Results are ready within 3 or 7 working days.

-          Receive the results (Expert report) by email or by regular mail

Analysis Single Grandparentage Testing : Grandparent, Grandchild, Child's Biological Mother* Double Grandparentage Testing : 2 Grandparents, Grandchild, Child's Biological Mother*
*Optional but recommended
*the price include cheek swab samples
Additional Persons
+100per person
Alternative Sample
+100per sample
Express Analysis 2 days
Send result in paper
Describe the case (Known relationship of participants, question, etc)
Total Cost

All prices include VAT as well as postage of home collection kit