DNA Paternity testing (WhoisPaternity)
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Collecting DNA Samples

Saliva sampling

Saliva sampling is an easy and quick procedure that can be performed by everyone. When you receive the cotton swabs, just follow the steps:

  1. Write your name on the swab. Specify if the swabs belong to the father, the child or any other participant.
  2. Open the cotton swab by holding the red plastic end.
  3. Place the swab inside your mouth and rub the chicks (20 seconds each). Repeat the procedure two times for each participant.
  4. Air-dry the cotton swabs for at least three hours (not less).
  5. Place the swabs back in their plastic and send them to Whois Laboratories.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Discrete sampling

We can test any object that carries biological material of the person to be tested (i.e. chewing gum, baby's dummy or bottle teat, underwear, nails, bloodstains, paper tissues, ear swabs, cigarette butts etc.). 

In the table below you can find directions for collection and shipment of the samples to be analyzed.

SAMPLE Comments
Clothes/Underwear/Sheets Air-dry. Send in paper envelope
Chewing gum

Air-dry and place in a plastic bag
(or a clean plastic urine collector)

Razor Air-dry. Send in paper envelope
Toothbrush/Dental floss Air-dry. Send in paper envelope
Ear swabs Air-dry. Send in a per envelope
Hair Roots must be attached. At least 3-4 hair-roots.Place in a plastic bag
Body secretions(blood, saliva, vaginal/nasal secretions, dandruff) Absorb in a tissue, air-dry and send in a paper envelope
Nails At least 3-4 clippings
Paraffin-embedded tissues At least 0.1-0.2 cm
Cigarette butts At least 2 butts
Condoms Empty from remaining liquid, air-dry and  place in a plastic bag
Envelopes/Stamps Licked envelopes or stamps
Dummies/baby bottle teats Air-dry and send in paper envelope


1. Be very careful when collecting the samples.

2. Avoid any contact with bare hands.

3. All samples must be dried before sending.