DNA Paternity testing (WhoisPaternity)
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Who is DNA offers high-level DNA Services to its clients. Stuffed by engineers, scientist (PhD holders) and DNA experts with long-term experience in the field of DNA analysis after working in several genetic laboratories, it can guarantee the absolute reliability of your results.

All analyses are carried out in fully accredited laboratories certified with ISO 17025 which ensures the application of international standards. Our laboratories comply with the most stringent international regulations and are organized according to the “forward analysis movement” model. This means that all analysis steps are separated in space and time, performed in successive laboratory rooms, in order to ensure purity and quality in each analysis step.  

Analysis procedure details are recorded with the use of a Laboratory Information Monitoring System which allows for complete traceability from start to end.

For all tests we use internationally approved genetic markers (16-23) and population databases offering reliable statistical analysis results.  Results are interpreted by our DNA expert team who make sure that all information is scientifically valid and trustworthy.

Choose Who is DNA for your analyses and benefit from our experience and expertise.