DNA Paternity testing (WhoisPaternity)
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Company Profile

Our job is to carry out tests using DNA to answer questions that you might want to ask.

We are an organisation which has expertise in this area and can guarantee that the results obtained are reliable as all of the analyses we carry out can be traced from start to finish.

The procedures we follow have been tested and verified by our scientific team. The equipment we use is provided and supported by worldwide leaders in the field.

The results of the tests are therefore completely reliable and this is reinforced by the fact that we work with DNA, which is the fundamental molecule of heredity.
All of our clients will benefit from our experience and expertise.

Our stuff is an international team of engineers and scientists with great experience in the field after having worked in various human genetic laboratories in Europe.

Our lab complies with the most stringent international regulations (AABB, ISO 17025) and uses approved, validated protocols. We can therefore guarantee the highest quality and complete traceability of our tests, so that you can be assured of the reliability of our methods and the incontrovertible results.